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28 - All-Star Reunion - Previous Guests Join The S.L.I.D.E Podcast

Get ready for an energy-packed episode of The S.L.I.D.E Podcast! Coach Aaron leads the team with his co-hosts Coach Jenn and Coach Doug, and they’re joined by some amazing guests. Colton, Jenn’s son, and Grayson Knight from Baseball Podcast Are Fun make an appearance, along with special guests Felix, the home run kid from Season 22, and Jax, who previously chatted with the team.

The team discusses their mission to bring positivity to the youth baseball community and hints at a past Instagram event with Grayson. Felix shares stories about his time on TV shows and meeting celebrities like Cedric the Entertainer and Kelly Clarkson. He’s excited for his upcoming visit to the Dodgers game, where he’ll meet all the players and walk onto the field.

The conversation also touches on Jack, who never stops talking on the field and has some killer style. Then the team interviews Grayson, who runs his own podcast and has had some incredible sports guests, including Johnny Damon and Jeff Frank Cor. They even discuss Jeff’s broadcasting duties with the Braves and continue to talk about the evolution of speed.

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