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Our Introduction

Welcome to The S.L.I.D.E. Podcast.

We started this journey in 2022 with the goal of keeping the show as a local broadcast but then it quickly changed into national format. We discovered so many parents, coaches and players throughout the country who could benefit by having our show speak to the nation.

Our goal here is to celebrate all victories, small and large. Each child deserves to be recognized and have their moment in the spotlight. We hope to be an avenue that players, coaches and parents can come when they have questions, need help improving, or just want to talk baseball. We may not have all the answers, but there are so many resources available that we hope we can bring to the table.

While our focus is Little League baseball, we want to incorporate travel ball, high school, college and minor/major leagues into the show. Most of us started in a Little League somewhere.

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Our Work

Our Values

Player Experience

Players are the single reason we’re here. We have to always keep player experience top of mind. Kids should always laugh and enjoy baseball. We aim to help improve the player experience by allowing players to be the focus of our show; Their stories, experiences and passion for the game.

Coach Experience

We understand the importance of great coaches. Coaches impact kids lives and should INSPIRE kids to be confident, team players and display great SPORTSMANSHIP. Our goal is to supply resources and information to coaches that will bring out the best in every coach.

Fan Experience

We know our kids would be at the fields without fan (parents and family members). We think fan experience is super important in developing an environment that kids feel comfortable in and that allows them to play their best. We will continue to talk about different ways for parents to help their children develop on and off the field.

Coach Jenn


Big Swings And A Black-eye

Coach Aaron


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