The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
25 - Travel Baseball Hacks and Tips with Travel Ball Coach Justin

Get ready baseball enthusiasts for a jam-packed episode of The S.L.I.D.E. Podcast! Join your hosts, Aaron and Jenn, with Allie as they talk about positivity in youth baseball with a special guest, Travel Ball Coach Justin. Listen as he shares his coaching experience and valuable insights in preparing his team for tournaments. Get inspired as he talks about his YouTube and TikTok coaching channels, where he documents his coaching activities for himself and others. Discover travel hacks and tips from Bill, including his multi-step process for taking pictures on road trips. Keep listening as they discuss the challenges of travel ball, and how to choose the right organization for your child’s development. Learn from Justin as he talks about the nonprofit organization, Ball Girls Baseball Corporation, which provides opportunities for girls to develop their skills in baseball. Finally, this exciting episode will end on a high note, as they discuss some famous baseball brawls and express their gratitude to the listeners. Exciting, informative, and energizing, this episode has something for every baseball fan out there!

[00:00:02] Promoting positivity in youth travel baseball
[00:03:30] Video Documentation for Baseball Coaching
[00:06:26] Baseball Tournament Photography and Social Media Tips
[00:09:40] Travel website’s impact on a baseball podcast
[00:12:57] Traveling for youth baseball tournaments
[00:16:42] The controversy of “Stay and Play
[00:19:59] Cost & Timing of Youth Travel Ball
[00:23:35] Skills development in baseball at different levels
[00:26:59] Empowering Girls Through Baseball Opportunities
[00:30:32] Choosing the Right Travel Ball Team
[00:34:19] The Evolution and Controversy of Travel Ball
[00:37:17] Organizing contacts and travel hacks for coaching
[00:40:17] Sports Complex Travel Hack & Gate Fees
[00:43:26] Baseball field fees and maintenance
[00:46:40] The Importance of Rest for Travel Ball Players
[00:49:48] Arm Care for Baseball Pitchers
[00:53:03] Baseball Brawl and Youth Ball Update
[00:56:02] Podcast: “The Art of Storytelling”
Section topic: “Creating Complex Characters

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