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39 - The AAG Chronicles: The Power of Coachability: Insights from a Baseball and Softball Youth Director -Taber Klinglesmith

On this episode of The S.L.I.D.E. Podcast, join Aaron, Jenn, and Taber as they dive into the world of youth baseball and softball. Taber, a dedicated director of baseball and softball youth, shares his unique perspective on the importance of coachability and surrounding oneself with good people in the world of softball.

Taber believes that the well-being and development of the athlete should be prioritized above all else. He emphasizes the need for athletes to be open to criticism in order to learn and improve, and he firmly believes that adult feelings should not influence coaching decisions. Through his experience in recruiting athletes and building a network with college athletes, professional softball players, and D1 athletes, Taber has gained valuable insights into the role of good coaches in the development of young athletes.

In this episode, you can expect to learn:

– Taber’s journey as a director of baseball and softball youth
– The importance of coachability in the world of softball
– How surrounding oneself with good people can positively impact an athlete’s development
– The role of criticism in learning and improvement
– How adult feelings should not influence coaching decisions
– The value of college athletes as role models for young players

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