The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
37 - Travel Baseball: Parents, Social Media, and Hilarious Videos with Brittany "The Boy Mom"

In this episode of “The Slide Podcast,” hosts Aaron and Jen discuss the importance of being a multi-sport athlete, the negative impact of social media and parental expectations on children in youth sports, and the challenges faced by parents in navigating the world of youth baseball. They also explore the experiences of a busy mom named Brittany who creates funny videos as “The Boy Mom” on Instagram and share tips for organizing and managing travel ball teams. Travel ball dad, Mark Paul joins the episode to have fun with the team. The conversation highlights the need for a balanced and supportive approach to sports participation, the importance of community and support among baseball moms, and the challenges and joys of coaching and supporting young athletes. Overall, the episode covers a range of topics related to baseball, parenting, content creation, and the experiences of being involved in youth sports.

Episode Outline:

(00:00:07) The Ball Mom’s Funny Baseball Stories

(00:07:07) The Importance of Being a Multi-Sport Athlete

(00:14:10) The Pressure of Parenting in Youth Sports

(00:21:13) Busy Mom’s Juggling Act

(00:27:51) Baseball Mom Summit

(00:34:29) Travel Ball Organization Tips

(00:41:04) Parental Challenges in Youth Baseball

(00:47:35) Parental Expectations in Youth Baseball

(00:54:11) Content Creators Tournament

(01:00:59) Content Creation and Motivation

(01:07:31) Fear of Putting Content on Social Media

(01:14:01) Baseball, Kids, and Coaching


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