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18 - A League of Their Own: Ashlynn and Maybelle's Bond

Join Coach Aaron, Coach Allie, and Coach Jenn in The S.L.I.D.E. podcast, where they talk about everything related to women’s baseball. In this episode, they invite Ashlynn from Maybelle Blair to share her passion and dedication to the sport. From talking about the accuracy of “A League of Their Own” to the history of women’s baseball, you’ll learn so much about the sport and its players. Maybelle, who started women in baseball, is working hard to promote the International Women’s Baseball Center aimed at giving young girls the opportunity to play and compete in their league. The hosts share their love for baseball and talk passionately about their initiative to connect over 71 girls playing baseball in 14 states and three countries. Don’t miss out on the excitement and camaraderie in this must-listen episode of The S.L.I.D.E. Podcast!

[00:00:02] Interview with Baseball Star Maybel Blair
[00:03:51] Speaker’s Experience with Baseball in Childhood
[00:07:47] Debunking Madonna’s Role in “A League of Their Own
[00:11:40] Women’s baseball and its history
[00:15:25] International Women’s Baseball Center and Girls’ League
[00:18:57] The Future of Women’s Baseball
[00:22:56] The Inspiring Story of Ashlin and Maybel
[00:26:43] Baseball struggles and inaccuracies in A League of Their Own
[00:30:37] Gender Disparities in Baseball Leagues
[00:34:21] Interview with Softball Player Ashlyn and War Stick Brand
[00:38:05] Mental toughness and dedication of a young baseball player
[00:41:31] Advocating for Women in Baseball
[00:45:16] Girls’ Baseball Clinics and Opportunities in the Sport
[00:48:56] Idol interactions and playing baseball
[00:52:32] Baseball Opportunities for Girls and Boys
[00:56:26] Remembering Donnie Wilkinson and Encouraging Girls in Baseball
[01:00:06] Empowering young girls in baseball and softball
[01:03:33] Walk-Up Songs for Baseball Games

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