In this weeks’ episode, Jen and Aaron are talking with Coach Lee Isaac’s Little League team who just won 5 games over a championship weekend and took home the championship. The kids are here to talk about their experience in baseball and about their championship run.

Joining the show are Atlee, Kaiden, Jackson, Nixon, and Bryson. To start off the show, Jen talks to the boys about their favorite part of a practice, which turns out to be everything from catching, sliding, and hitting. Then, the kids discuss feeling pressure and how they deal with it on the field. It comes down to buckling down and believing in yourself.

Next up, the topic of conversation is the team’s winning streak. For the last 2 seasons, they haven’t lost a game and they are starting this season off strong by taking home a championship. The kids let us know their walkout songs and home run stats so far, and Coach Aaron tells the kids about his early home run record of zero.

The conversation turns to favorite baseball players. The kids are fans of everyone from Freddy Freeman to Jackie Robinson. Everyone discusses the movie The Sandlot and how enjoyable, and scary, it was. Coach Jen then asks the kids what they say in the huddle and how they deal with small hitters and people’s perception of them as small hitters.

To end the show, Aaron and Jen talk to the boys about their family ties in the sport and how they deal with it. The kids all get a surprise as a thanks for being our guests today.


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