In this episode, hosts Jen and Aaron are joined by Jen’s son Colton and Aarons’ son Jace. This show is meant for the fans, players, and coaches of Little League baseball. Today, Jen and Aaron take us through the creation of the podcast and what they hope people can get out of it.

Starting off, Jen takes us through how they came up with the name Slide. Each letter stands for something different. S is for sportsmanship, L is for leadership, I is for inspire, D is for determination, and E stands for excitement. All these things are what the sport stands for to the hosts and what they hope to exemplify with this show.

Next up, Aaron and Jen talk to Aaron’s son Jace about what he loves about baseball. At 7 years old, Jace says his favorite thing is fielding and hitting. He loves catching the ball, and he loves seeing his friends catch the ball and get people out. Colton joins in to say that he plays the same position as Jace and he loves hitting most. Can’t wait for his first dinger!

Every night, Jace and his dad do squats, jumping jacks, and push-ups to keep their bodies in shape. Colton and Jen talk about what makes a good coach, and Aaron and Jen talk about coaching their own kids, what makes it easy, and what makes it hard.

To finish this inaugural episode, Jen and Aaron talk about the pressures on the kids and why they started coaching in the first place.

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