In this episode, we’re continuing our conversation with Addison, Riley, Julianna, Melody, Casey, and Bella as well as coaches Tanya Meder and David Steinman. We’re getting into athleticism, softball, and how to be the best player you can be.

Bella begins by talking about recovery and how important it is. Sleep is so important for recovery, and the team has a nutritionist that helps them with their diet, hydration, and vitamin and mineral contents. Then, David asks about skills training and how much time Bella and her team spend on it.

Tanya then talks about the biggest turn aways for players. It’s not just about playing, it’s about how you hold yourself, your character, and how you treat others. Grades are also important. If you want to go into sports, you need to work on your mental game and strength from the get-go. Bella writes in a journal as a way to work through her issues. Failure is part of the game, and you don’t have to be upset by it.

After, David adds that you need to know your team and be understanding of what players, especially kids, are feeling or going through. Bella then talks about balancing her social life and softball. Her teammates are her best friends, and while it’s difficult with to balance, they do make time for each other and activities.

When it comes to preparing for not only softball, but life, coach David makes the point to teach his players that teamwork will be a factor throughout their whole life. Understand that not everything is about you, and looking at the world around you will help you in life.


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