In this conversation, Tim from Mark Pro discusses the benefits and differences of their recovery device. Mark Pro is not a TENS unit but rather falls into the category of NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation). Unlike TENS units, Mark Pro creates large muscle contractions that improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage, aiding in muscle recovery. The conversation also touches on the problems with icing, the importance of waste removal, and the need for proper recovery in youth sports. Tim emphasizes the role of sleep, hydration, nutrition, and active recovery in optimizing recovery and preventing overuse injuries. The conversation explores the use of Mark Pro as a pre-warmup and its benefits for young athletes. It also addresses the challenges faced in softball and the pushback from naysayers. The discussion highlights alternatives to icing and shares success stories in professional sports. Finally, it delves into the feedback received from parents and players. The conversation covers various topics related to youth sports, including parental investment, the challenge of finding reliable information, the importance of rest and recovery, vetting trusted resources, upcoming events and demos, educating athletes and parents, the role of nutrition in athletic performance, the challenges of eating healthy on the road, the importance of protein intake, the need for education in youth sports, and the focus on education and recovery. The walkout song chosen by the guest is ‘Folsom Prison’ by Johnny Cash.