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12 – Eric Wubbena From Baseball Bluebook

Eric Wubbena from Baseball Bluebook is joining Jen and Aaron in this episode. For those that don’t know, Baseball Bluebook is a networking app for college and professional players. Eric is here to talk about how the Bluebook became an app and how the baseball community can use it.

Bluebook began in 1909 and is the oldest running baseball directory. At that time, all the collegiate programs were listed to help out scouts for the game. Eric has always loved baseball, and as an adult, he began working in technology. He took the Bluebook concept and modernized it into an app for everyone in baseball to use, not just scouts. Eric describes the app as LinkedIn for baseball.

When it comes to Little League players, the app allows players to begin building a baseball resume, as well as being able to showcase their personalities. People often forget that coaches don’t just look at skill, they look at the player as a person. The app is free to use, but paid features will be added in the future. Those won’t really apply to players, but rather will be geared more towards businesses on the app.

Mental strength is also important for players and for coaches to see. A healthy attitude towards injury, time lost, or missed plays counts for a lot. Mistakes are a part of baseball. It’s a hard game, and understanding that and teaching resilience to young players is so important.

As for the future of Bluebook, Eric is actually also working on a version for softball as well. They are also looking at building up trainers and helping them grow along with players. The app is monitored for safety and to make sure the people joining are who they say they are.




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