The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
07 – Parker's Passion for Baseball

In this episode, coach Jen and coach Aaron are joined by Parker, the winner of the umpire appreciation competition. Umpires are out there supporting our young players, and what they do is so important. Parker is here to talk about why umpires are important to him and about his baseball life.

The first picture received for the umpire appreciation competition was Parker’s, and out of 30 received, he won. Starting off the conversation, Parker tells us about his nickname on the field and what got him started in baseball. Parker’s whole family has played baseball, and it’s a great way to make new friends.

Jen and Aaron then ask Parker how he stays focused. For Parker, God comes first, then study, then sports. School is most important, but whenever he has free time, he works on his baseball game. Parker sets himself goals and has a hitting coach to help him out. Parker goes on to tell us his favorite part of the practice and how they help improve his game.

Parker goes on to talk about how he got a bee sting on the face right before a game and still went on to play third base after getting a steroid shot. We hear about his dreams for his future sports career, and what it’s like having his dad as a coach. He tells us what the ride home after the games is like and what he loves about other sports.

To round up today, Parker tells us about what he does and doesn’t like about the position he plays. He also tells us about his family connections to MLB and what he wants other players to know.



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