The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
06 – A Scouts Point of View with Rich Coletta

Today Jen and Aaron are talking to Rich Coletta, He is a former Mariners and Red Sox scout, pitching coach, and former D1 and D3 coach. Rich joins the show to talk about his years in the game and gives some advice to eager Little Leaguers out there.

Rich started playing in high school and started as a freshman. He was discovered at a showcase and went on to play at St Joe’s University. Rich knew he wasn’t at the level to play in the MLB, and decided to take another direction into teaching. He loved the game and knew he wanted to stay involved.

Right out of college, Rich was able to get a coaching job and made some great connections. Earning the respect of other players and making lasting good relationships was what allowed him to advance his career. From there, he went on to scouting and his career in MLB took off around 2006 for 17 years. Now, Rich is back into coaching.

When it comes to pitching, both command and control are needed. It’s great if you can throw hard and fast, but you also need to be able to put the ball exactly where you want it. There’s an increasing issue with young players throwing too hard and with balls that are too heavy before they are fully developed, causing more injuries.

As a baseball parent, it’s important to understand your child’s limits. Having a multi-sport player will help your child work different muscles. Embrace the boring side of drills, make a chart, and keep track of what practicing they do. Have your kid take ownership of their sport. It’s important to be a complete player.


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