The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
05 – Baseball Moms Jen, Jessica, and Katy
Jen and Aaron are presenting a pre-recorded chat with baseball moms (Jen, Jessica, and Katie) from across the league. Jen and Aaron recently hosted The Diamonds of D2 event where they met fantastic baseball moms, so they spoke with the moms about the sport and its players. First up we discover who is appearing and what their walkout songs would be. Next is a discussion about the moms’ proudest moments in their kid’s sport. Jen has 3 kids in baseball right now, Jessica has 2 and Katy has 1. The kids have a mix of illnesses and anxieties and have overcome them through baseball. Moving on, the moms tell Jen and Aaron what their favorite part of being a baseball mom is. They agree that it’s really a highlight seeing how proud the kids are of themselves when they achieve something in the game. The topic of pressure in the game comes up, along with how they address it. We also hear about the great sense of comradery between the kids and the baseball moms. The moms discuss the great coaches they have experienced, either in their past or with the kids. A coach that takes the time to get to know the kids and treats them as individuals is always the type who will get the best out of the team. The talk moves to what happens post-game, and whether there is celebration or commiseration. Everyone makes mistakes, even in the MLB, and it’s okay! We then get insight on dugout drama and how it gets dealt with. Remember that baseball should be fun!     Find us online: Instagram: @theslidepodcastshow Facebook: Twitter: TheSlidePod