The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
03 - Big Swings And A Black-eye

On this episode, Jen and Aaron are joined by certified hitting instructor Matt Hallock and umpire Kristi Moore. Matt lives in Tampa, Florida and works as a VP in corporate. He’s always had a passion for baseball and recently found a new hobby in preparing youth baseball players for the major leagues.

Matt discusses his passion in the work he does with young players and explains why it’s so important for them to hit off the tee. There are certain stages of learning which are important for developing the right skills. He also discusses one of his favourite tools for neuromuscular training.

There are so many things kids can do before they get to the batter’s box to raise their ball-hitting percentages and put themselves in a better position moving forward. These practices can also increase confidence and provide anxiety relief pre-game. These practices are covered by Matt in his training camps.

Midway through the episode, Kristi discusses the recent event that impacted her life. She was called in to umpire a game after another umpire called out sick. She made a call, and one of the mothers became irate. The coach refused to step in, and the interaction ended in Kristi being hurt at the end of the game.

Kristi, Aaron, Jen, and Matt go on to discuss the inappropriate way Kristi was treated and why we need to do better, especially in Little League Baseball. This incident could deter females from rising up through the same ranks. The episode ends on a high note with Kristi expressing her gratitude for all the support she’s gotten since the unfortunate event.


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