The Why

The Why

Recently my oldest and I were working on a school assignment together. He has a strict teacher who constantly demands his work get done. It’s me, I’m his teacher. We were working on a keyword outline for a paper he was writing and the topic was baseball. Naturally, he got to pick the topic and it was a no-brainer what he would pick. I’ve known he’s loved the sport since he threw his green beans at me at 8 months. The kid had an arm and a competitive spirit early on. While working on the paper, the question was asked, “what’s your why?” I just knew the answer was going to be “just because it’s fun, and I like to win at stuff.” Simple as that. An acceptable answer non the less.  But no, he came out of nowhere with the most loaded “why.” “Because I love to have to work hard, think hard, strategize, study the pitcher’s every pitch, and compete. I just love everything about it.” Wowzas. That’s a lot of reasons and a lot of thinking for a ten-year-old. When my long stare of “I’m sorry, what did you just say, “ended; all I could do was sit back and smile because I realized just how much fun my kid has when he’s playing ball, and let me tell you, that’s the good stuff. Ask your kid their “why”, It might just help you have more fun watching them. Love what you do and do what you love, and as always, keep getting better-Coach Mama.


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