The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
57 - Chores vs. Chords: Tyler's Falcone's Musical Journey

On this episode of The S.L.I.D.E. Podcast, join Aaron, Jenn, and Tyler as they delve into Tyler’s unique journey of juggling baseball, household responsibilities, and his passion for music. Tyler, a native of Boiling Springs, Spartanburg, shares his perspective on how his experiences with baseball and music have shaped his journey, as well as the challenges he faces at home.

Despite the burdensome chores and responsibilities imposed on him by his parents, Tyler’s dedication to his musical passion continues to grow stronger. He shares his struggles with finding time to practice the drums and his desire to learn guitar, while also balancing his commitments to baseball. As he contemplates quitting baseball, Tyler explores the impact this decision would have on his pursuit of his musical interests.

Join Aaron, Jenn, and Tyler as they discuss the complexities of balancing multiple passions and responsibilities.

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