The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
38 - A Multi-Talented Athlete's Journey -Jaren Kim

The Slide Podcast crew is on a mission to bring back the fun in youth baseball by sharing stories, tips, and insights from players and coaches. In a recent episode, they interview Jaren Kim, a multi-talented athlete who excels in various sports.

In this episode, the Coach Aaron, Mateo and Jaren discuss Jaren’s experience at the Cooperstown Baseball Tournament, sharing the challenges his team faced and the thrill of hitting a home run. They also delve into Jaren’s hobbies and interests, including fishing, piano playing, and listening to rap songs.

The conversation touches on switch-hitting in baseball, MLB dreams, favorite players, and the qualities of a good teammate. Throughout the podcast, they emphasize the importance of math skills, effective communication, and support among teammates.

Join the Slide Pod podcast crew as they entertain and inspire listeners to have a blast while playing their beloved sport.

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