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29 - Trailblazer BrickWallBr4tch Shares Catching Tips & Tricks

Join Coach Aaron and Coach Allie on The S.L.I.D.E Podcast, where they explore the themes of Sportsmanship, Leadership, Inspire Dedication, and Excitement! In this episode, they sit down with Lilah, a 12-year-old youth baseball player, to discuss her experiences on the field, her nicknames, and her love for Yadi Molina.

The coaches and Lilah also dive into topics such as girls’ baseball and pranks at Cooperstown. With great energy and humor, this episode is both entertaining and informative.

Listeners can expect to hear:

– Lilah’s experiences playing youth baseball
– Her favorite baseball player, Yadi Molina
– The coaches’ thoughts on girls’ baseball
– Funny stories about pranks at Cooperstown

Tune in now for The S.L.I.D.E Podcast, because who needs boring podcasts or radio commercials when you can catch us on the slide!

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