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26 - Normalizing Women in Baseball with Alexia Jorge and Maggie Foxx

Join Coach Aaron and Coach Jenn on The S.L.I.D.E. Podcast, as they celebrate reaching Episode 25 of Season 2 with special guests Alexia Jorge and Maggie Foxx! Maggie, a groundbreaking female catcher in the male-dominated world of baseball, shares her experience breaking through the barriers and encouraging young girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Among the witty banter, the speakers explore how a women’s baseball league could provide a platform for driven female athletes. There’s discussion of mental skill training programs and strategies for calling pitches, while the guests even share their walkout songs if they were a batter. Join these experts on the diamond and discover what they have learned through a lifetime of playing and coaching America’s pastime. Catch The S.L.I.D.E. Podcast now!

Alexia Jorge @alexiajorge_26 on instagram

Maggie Foxx @mtfoxx42 on instagram

[00:00:02] Normalizing Women in Baseball
[00:03:08] Overcoming Fear of Joining Adult Leagues
[00:06:41] Sports talk and age guessing games
[00:10:33] Interview with Female Baseball Catchers
[00:14:23] Female catcher and breaking barriers in baseball
[00:17:28] Breaking barriers in women’s baseball
[00:20:53] Dedication of the USAA Women’s Baseball Team
[00:24:25] Maggie’s Love for Baseball and Catching Tips
[00:27:54] Baseball vs Softball: Differences, Challenges, and Anecdotes
[00:31:25] Women’s vs Mixed Gender Sports and Pitch Clock
[00:34:59] Baseball’s new rule and guest Maggie Fox
[00:38:13] Female Baseball Player’s Future Goals and Endeavors
[00:41:26] Coaching and Mental Skills Training in Baseball
[00:44:45] Catcher Strategy and Baseball Anecdotes
[00:48:00] Pitching Strategies and Techniques in Softball
[00:50:58] Catching in Baseball Evolves and Memories
[00:54:05] Catcher-pitcher relationship at different levels
[00:57:16] Importance of catchers and pre-game hype
[01:00:39] Guests Discuss Daily Workwear and Accessorizing
[01:04:25] Guests’ Walkout Songs and Keeping in Touch
[01:07:57] Gratitude and Introduction of Guests

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