The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
16 – Underclassment Baseball: Cayden and Asher

On today’s podcast, coach Jen and coach Aaron are joined by two guests: Cayden Crosby and Asher Parker. Cayden is part of the Underclassmen 6U team that won their division’s state championship, and Asher is in the 8U team who also won their championship.

Cayden is from Diamond Head, Mississippi near the Louisiana border. Cayden is a 6-year-old player for the Underclassmen who has been playing Little League since he was 3. Cayden tells us his favorite position to play is First, partly because of his favorite player Freddy Freeman. He goes on to tell us about his pre-game warmup and his favorite part of ball practice.

Next up, Cayden tells us why he loves baseball and how he loves games because he gets to be out on the field longer. Cayden started the year in T-ball, but is now in Coach’s Pitch which he likes much more. We find out all about Cayden’s first home run and why it was so special before he tells us about the nine rings he has won so far.

Asher is also from Mississippi, and tells us about his team’s 25 wins this season. Asher started playing T-ball at 4, hitting his first home run at 6 and playing with the Underclassmen in January. When he grows up, Asher wants to be a professional ball player for LSU. His favorite major league team is the Cubs.

In 9U, the kids start to pitch, and Asher has already played some 9U games. The most important thing for Asher is that he gets to play with his friends outside of school in baseball. Besides baseball, Asher likes to go fishing and has also been involved in playing football.


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