The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
15 – Andy from GameMill Talks About Little League World Series 2022

This time we’ve got Andy from GameMill joining us. We’re going to be hearing about all things Little League World Series 2022.

Andy and his company are bringing a Little League video game to the world, the first official one in 10 years. He was also a part of that previous release, and always wanted to create another. The talks began 2 years ago, and from there, they sought a licensing agreement with a team. The project grew from there.

The goal was always to make a game that encompassed all the rules and regulations of Little League baseball without losing the element of fun. The developers went on-site to capture every detail of the real-world stadiums and locations that appear in the game. They wanted to not only appeal to Little League players, but also to video game fans by creating gamification modifications.

When it comes to designing the game, Andy takes us through the process of collaborating with the teams to build the world and style of the game. The target demographic for the game is players aged 8-12, but they also wanted it to have a wide appeal. It was a fine balance between intuitive play and the reality of playing baseball.

The game allows for 4 players to play together at once with local co-op play. There are lots of different play modes and unlockables to keep the experience fresh and replayable. Andy tells us about his favorite game of all time, and why it was important to create a safe way for kids to play the game with their friends. He also talks about his own walkout song and how they’ve been integrated into the game.


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