The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
13 – Felix "The Homerun Kid"

Coaches Jen and Aaron are joined by Felix the Homerun Kid for today’s episode. Felix went viral after his mom posted a video of him hitting a homerun and then giving the homerun ball to his grandfather. He’ll talk to the show about all things baseball and what his grandpa means to him.

It’s a first-ever podcast appearance for Felix, and he starts off by telling us about the double homerun he made on the night that the video was taken. It was an amazing feeling, and all his teammates plus his cousin Clara came out to celebrate with him.

When his dad told him he should sign the balls and give them away, that was when Felix decided to give one to his grandpa. Felix’s grandpa has been a huge part of his love of the game and always plays catch with him. His grandfather has also gone to watch all of his games, even out of state.

Then, Felix tells us about all the kind comments and feedback he has received since posting the video, along with all the other interviews he has done. Now 9 years old, Felix started playing ball when he was 3 and has only kept improving. Felix plays every position on the field, but his favorite is catcher or pitcher.

When he isn’t playing baseball, Felix loves to play Minecraft and go swimming. This last week it’s been 100 degrees all week, which is perfect swimming weather. He also sometimes likes to freestyle dance. Felix tells us that his favorite part of the game is hanging out with his teammates and having fun.


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