The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
11 – Kyson "The Kid Umpire"

There’s been a lot of talk throughout our episodes about umpires. Today, we’re welcoming Kyson the Kid Umpire to speak with Aaron and Jen. He has gained notoriety online because instead of doing the normal things that kids do, he’s very focused on becoming an umpire.

Kyson tells us how he became interested in this route and how his parents have helped him grow as an umpire. He says that, compared to baseball players, Kyson likes that umpires get to meet new people every game. However, he does play outfield for a baseball team as well, but he tells us why he hasn’t been playing recently.

For anyone that’s interested in becoming an umpire, Kyson’s biggest piece of advice is to make sure you study the rules regularly while also attending umpire camps. Jen then asks Kyson about a recent disagreement she had with someone on Facebook to see if he can settle it. Next, Aaron challenges Kyson with a complicated situation he found himself in during a game.

After talking about some controversial calls by MLB umpire Ángel Hernández in the post-season, Kyson gets into what he likes to do outside of baseball. Then, we get to hear about how he was able to walk up to the plate for a Knights game.

While other kids dream about hitting a crucial home run in MLB, Kyson, along with the help of Aaron, reveals what he would like to do instead. The three finish off the show by discussing why having respect for umpires is so important, along with the three-strike rule that Kyson has for coaches.


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