The S.L.I.D.E. - Youth Baseball Podcast
09 – Talkin' Baseball with JustinTime

In this episode we’re welcoming Justin Sherman from Justin Time Baseball in New York. He is here to tell us about his company and what’s important in coaching Little League.

A few years ago Justin was coaching kids in backyards, and his passion grew into the Justin Time Baseball company. A lifelong ball player, Justin wanted to spread his love of the game to kids today. Justin takes us through how the pandemic changed the way he coached baseball.

Two years later, Justin Time Baseball is dominating rookie games and aiming to help push youth development. Justin then takes us through what it looks like to be part of a Justin Time program and what is essential for parent coaches to know. It’s important to teach foundational skills, but it’s essential for the sport to be fun too. Building routine and teamwork at a young age also only strengthens their game in the long run.

Justin Time Baseball operates even in the off-season. The company rents places and does continuous off-season games and leagues in order to help kids stay sharp. It also helps parents to gain more experience and knowledge in the sport if they are new too.

Justin takes us through the things he would most want to change when it comes to coaching Little League. It’s all about keeping it interesting and having great management skills. Educational tools for the players are what’s needed to keep them engaged.

Strengthening practices over pushing competitive games is what could be the game changer for Justin. Talent needs to be developed, and it can’t be if there isn’t an opportunity for practice.


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