We’re welcoming Addison, Riley, Julianna, Melody, Casey, and Bella, as well as coaches Tanya Medders and David Steinman, in this episode. Today is a must-listen for any baseball and softball players looking to gain more insight into the sports.

With several players from different teams on the show, we learn about the girls, the positions they play, and their favorite cereals. Then, coaches Tanya and David introduce themselves to the show. With introductions over, Bella discusses multi-sport athletes and why becoming one can benefit your overall game physically and mentally, no matter what you are playing.

Next, Tanya discusses what she looks for when recruiting new players. It isn’t only athleticism that matters, it’s also attitude and personality. The conversation also turns to social media and how it can impact reputation and recruitment. David also discusses the benefits of playing sports that you aren’t necessarily the best at but learning how to contribute.

David goes on to talk about the skills that young athletes need to nail early on in order to be the best they can be. No skill is too little or unimportant to learn. Practice really does make perfect. Next, the girls ask questions of Bella and the coaches while they discuss transferring schools, scheduling, and making time for everything.

After a quick round of softball trivia, the girls discuss Bella playing in the World Series and why people love to root against the Longhorns. Then, David asks Bella about her training routine and Bella discusses the kind of education she takes part in.


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