I got to see it..

I got to see it..

From the time my oldest started walking, he had a bat or ball in his hands. Not because we wanted to force him into being a baseball player, but because that’s really just the parents he and his brothers and sister were born in too. Parents who love sports, competing, the life lessons it teaches and so many other benefits in between. This isn’t a knock to those who don’t play or love sports. It takes all kinds in this world, and all though our kids all love sports, their abilities or lack there of don’t define them. It’s just another avenue to teach some of life’s most important lessons.

To some this may be silly and that’s ok; I don’t judge you for thinking so. I have prayed more times than I can count that the Lord would let me see the moments that mean the most to each of my kids. Read that last sentence again. I’m a mama, every moment means something to me. My kids have big dreams and they look to their dad and I every time they accomplish something and ask “did you see it.” I’ve cried out to the Lord, please let me see it when they need me too. With four kids pulling me in so many directions I’ve had to turn that fear of missing over to God and trust He will be seen in the circumstance no matter what.

Today, Andy had his first tournament game of the season. Drew’s parents couldn’t make it today and the other three kiddos opted to hang back with them. Usually I’m against them not being their for their siblings events. But today was different. I gave it a long thought and had a sweet image in my mind of his dad and I just cheering him on and all the attention being on him. I told him the others were staying with BeBe and Grandad, and today was just about him. The grin said it all.

We got to the field and the pressure of not “head counting” wasn’t on me. I missed the others but was loving the time I was getting just focusing on my first born. The score was tied 5-5 with a runner on 1st. Right before his at bat, Drew tells Andy ”hit the ball kid.” I quickly followed with, hit it out Andy and I’ll video it. Drew said, don’t tell him that, he just needs to hit. I lovingly 😉 told him that I knew my kid, and I knew what he needed to hear. With 2 strikes and a runner on, I got to witness and VIDEO my boys FIRST out of the park Homerun. I got to witness the smile, the trot, the best teammates a kid could ask for cheering him on as if they had hit it out themselves.I got to hear the crowd, I got to see his dad Run to get his sons first Homerun ball. I got to see the endless congratulations from his coaches and team. I got to witness his excitement with humility perfectly mixed as he took it all in. I got to see my boy, who is everyone’s biggest fan and encourager be on the receiving end of what he often gives others. I got to hug him and feel him not letting me go. I got to see it all. I continue to get weepy thinking about it and all I can do is thank God. He answered a prayer in such a way where I refuse to miss the details and I refuse not to give him the praise. I get it. It’s “just” baseball. But really, it’s more, always has been more and always will be more than ball. It’s another opportunity to praise God and to remember the only worthy one. Those are the details we will talk about when we remember this day. I‘ll miss some stuff and God will be in those details no doubt. But today.. 😭😭my kid needed me to see it.. and I didn’t miss it. To God Be The Glory-


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